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hed allows you to use comments and avoid missing/trailing comma mistakes, even with configs like npm's package.json where comments are forbidden.

How does it work?

  • hed FILE.json will convert JSON to Hjson and open it in your editor for editing
  • when you are done FILE.json is updated with your changes (as pure JSON)
  • any comments you added will be kept in FILE.meta
  • FILE.hjson is removed to avoid conflicting edits
  • the next time you run hed FILE.json your comments will be merged back


hed, an edit tool for JSON configs. Comments are preserved outside of JSON.
  hed (-h | --help | -?)
  hed (-V | --version)
  hed --config [EDITOR]
hed allows you to use comments and avoid missing/trailing comma mistakes, even with configs like npm's package.json where comments are forbidden.
For details see
  -e        edit JSON with comments (default).
  -s        show JSON with comments.
  --config  edit the hed config.

For example:

hed package.json

To view the file with comments:

hed package.json -s

Install from npm

npm install hed -g

Set your editor

Run hed --config or hed --config EDITOR.

  # For example to use sublime:
  editor: subl -w