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Calculate the ANZ health star rating of food given nutritional information

Use the web calculator here


npm install health-star-rating


import { Attributes, Category, calculateHealthStarRating } from 'health-star-rating';

calculateHealthStarRating(Category.DairyFoods, {
  totalSugarsGrams: 33,
  energykJ: 1100,
  sodiumMilligrams: 100,
  saturatedFatGrams: 0,
//=> 1

calculateHealthStarRating(Category.NonDairyBeverages, {
  energykJ: 0,
  saturatedFatGrams: 7,
  sodiumMilligrams: 400,
  totalSugarsGrams: 0,
  attributes: [Attributes.ContainsFruitOrVegetable],
  percentageFruitVegetableNutLegume: 25,
//=> 4

calculateHealthStarRating(Category.OtherFoods, {
  saturatedFatGrams: 10.5,
  sodiumMilligrams: 400,
  totalSugarsGrams: 10.5,
  energykJ: 3100,
  fibreGrams: 7,
//=> 1.5


calculateHealthStarRating(category, nutritionalInformation)


One of the following values will be returned:

0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5


Type: Category

These are the possible categories:

  • DairyBeverages
  • DairyFoods
    • "This category does not include ice cream or alternatives derived from cereals, nuts or seeds. These products fall in [OtherFoods]."
  • FatsOilsAndSpreads
    • Includes: edible oil, edible oil spreads, margarine, butter
  • Cheese
  • PlainWater
  • UnsweetenedFlavouredWater
    • May only contain -- carbon dioxide, flavouring substances (excluding sugar/sweeteners), mineral salts, safety/stability additives.
    • Must not include -- added sugars, sweeteners, colours, sodium, caffeine, quinine, or any other ingredient that contains energy.
  • UnprocessedFruitAndVegetables
    • Includes: "All whole fresh fruit (except coconut) and vegetables, fungi and legumes (except peanuts) as sold with no processing, plus these same products that have only been peeled, cut and/or surface treated and/or blanched and/or frozen (not dried), or canned without the addition of fat, sugars/sweeteners or salt."
    • Excludes: canned fruit and vegetables in juice and brine
  • NonDairyBeverages
  • Jellies
  • WaterBasedIcedConfection
  • OtherFoods: Any food that doesn't fit in the above categories.


Type: object

Required keys:

  • energykJ (int): kilojoule content of the food per 100g or 100ml (note it's lowercase 'k' and uppercase 'J')
  • sodiumMilligrams (int): sodium content in mg per 100g or 100ml
  • saturatedFatGrams (float): saturated fat in grams per 100g or 100ml
  • totalSugarsGrams (float): sugar content in grams per 100g or 100ml

Optional keys:

  • percentageFruitVegetableNutLegume (int): Percentage from 0-100 of fruit, vegetable, nut or legume content. Improves the health star rating. Use with the attributes value set.
  • fibreGrams (float): dietary fibre content in grams per 100g or 100ml. Improves health star rating
  • proteinGrams (float): protein content in grams per 100g or 100ml. Improves health star rating
  • attributes (Attributes[]): If the food contains either non-concentrated fruit/vegetable/nuts/legumes sources or concentrated fruits or vegetables. percentageFruitVegetableNutLegume must be set if using this


Possible values:

  • ContainsFruitOrVegetable
  • ContainsNutsOrLegumes


The calculations and health star rating information is taken from the website

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