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Headset for node

A node.js library for headsets.


npm install headset

*extra steps for node-webkit


Get a headset

var headset = require('headset').get()

Optionally pass you own options to find a headset

var headset = require('headset').get(options);

Get all headsets


Optionally you can pass true to show all connected USB HID Devices. This can be useful if the Headset is not detected, or if you are trying out this library with unsupported devices.




The connected event fires every time a headset connection is made. This will also fire after a automatic / manual reconnect.

headset.on('connected', function(){
    // it is now safe to write to the headset

headset.once // use this for code that should only run on the next connect (initialization)


headset.on('error', function(err){
    // err contains details

Headset specific events

You can also listen to events specified in device configuration. (see supported.json)

headset.on('accept', function() { //Call accepted });



The connect method gives you the ability to issue a manual connect. This is done automatically the first time (when you get the headset).

Headset specific methods

Methods specficified in a device configuration are also available to use. (see supported.json) If you are unsure which headset is attached and if it supports a certain method, then check if it exists first.


Adding events (handle Reads from USB)

If you test your own unsupported device / features you can add events as follows

headset.addEvent(name, hexString);

Adding methods (write to USB)

If you test your own unsupported device / features you can add methods as follows

headset.addMethod(name, hexString);

Close method

Use this when you are done using the headset



All USB Headsets with UC or Lync support should work, but only the following have been tested so far.

  • Jabra PRO 930
  • Logitech H820e
  • Jabra PRO 9470


Currently testing is just to manually see if a headset works / can be found. ###Trying an unsupported headset If you want to try an unsupported headset just do npm test and follow the instructions. If a device is found that you can recognize, you can now use the details to manually .get(options) the headset. If you find/add a working device it would be great if you report back here under issues or submit a pull request on supported.json.


Headset relies on node-hid. node-hid needs to be built for each platform and specific version of node-webkit, so to make it work you need build node-hid using nw-gyp