Helpers for any handlebars projects. Btw, it can work without it.


View helpers for any handlebars projects. For express 3 I prefer using express-hbs and for koa — koa-hbs. Btw, all helpers can work without handlebars.

$ npm install hbs-helpers
var hbs = require('express-hbs');
var helpers = require('hbs-helpers');
for (var helper in helpers) {
  hbs.registerHelper(helper, helpers[helper]);
  • downsize (text[, options])
  • length (number)
  • formatdate (date[, options])
  • rusweek (date[, options])
  • formatyear (date)
  • timeago (date[, options])
  • formatmoney (number)
  • plural (count[, options])
  • rubles (number)
  • htmlescape (text)
  • urlencode (text)
  • striptags (text)

The MIT License, see the included license.md file.