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Hash table


Stability: 1 - Experimental

Hash table.

npm install hash-table
npm test
var HashTable = require('hash-table');
var hashTable = new HashTable();
hashTable.insert(73, 'foo');; // -> 'foo' 
hashTable.delete(73);; // -> undefined 

A JavaScript implementation of a hash table using an array, integer keys, and open addressing with linear probing.

  • options:
    • numberOfHashSlots: Integer An optional size of slots to use in the table (Default: 13)
    • prime: Integer A prime number that is greater than maximum key value that will be entered (Default: Math.pow(2,52) - 47; see:

Creates a new HashTable.

  • key: Integer key to delete

Deletes the specified key and data.

  • key: Integer key
  • data: Any satellite data to insert, cannot be null or undefined

Inserts the specified key and data. Throws an assertion error if data is null or undefined.

  • key: Integer key to search for

Searches and returns the data stored at specified key, undefined if not found.