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  1. Installing HarperDB
  2. Starting HarperDB
  3. Stopping HarperDB
  4. Restarting HarperDB
  5. Getting the HarperDB Version
  6. Using the Built-In API
  7. HarperDB Studio
  8. Need Help?

Installing HarperDB


  1. Node.js 12 and npm
  2. GCC
  3. Make
  4. Python 2.7
  5. (macOS) Xcode
npm install -g harperdb
harperdb install

HarperDB will prompt you for configuration options during install.

Starting HarperDB

harperdb run

Stopping HarperDB

harperdb stop

Restarting HarperDB

harperdb restart

Getting the HarperDB Version

harperdb version

Using the Built-In API

Using HarperDB’s built-in API is as easy as making an http call to the URL and PORT of your HarperDB instance. To make it even easier, we’ve created a series of example http calls as a Postman Collection. These calls show you how to create and access sample data in HarperDB.

Postman Collection

Sample code is also available in many common languages in the sample code pane. Select the language you want from the drop down and paste the code.

HarperDB Studio

Every Installation of HarperDB can be administered through HarperDB Studio. This web-based interface provides you the ability to set up new schemas and tables, configure users and roles, manage data replication, and purchase and deploy enterprise licenses.

HarperDB Studio

  • Simplify Administration – handle all HarperDB administration tasks from one simple interface
  • Once you’re logged in, select Add Instance > User-Installed Instance, and enter your instance details
  • The Studio makes use of your HarperDB instance’s built-in API
  • Credentials for all your instances are stored locally in your browser- we never see or store them
  • You’ll be able to manage any instance you can reach via your network connection
  • Even though the Studio is cloud-hosted, you can securely manage User-Installed instances on your private network

Need Help


Support Portal


Thank You to Rajat Kumar rajat.io for allowing us to take over this package name. Find his harperdb client at https://www.npmjs.com/package/harperdb-client

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