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  1. HarperDB Overview
  2. HarperDB Studio
  3. HarperDB APIs
  4. Documentation and Support
  5. Prerequisites
  6. Installing HarperDB

HarperDB Overview

HarperDB is a globally-distributed edge application platform. It reduces complexity, increases performance, and lowers costs by combining user-defined applications, a high-performance database, and an enterprise-grade streaming broker into a single package. The platform offers unlimited horizontal scale at the click of a button, and syncs data across the cluster in milliseconds. HarperDB simplifies the process of delivering applications and the data that drives them to the edge, which dramatically improves both the user experience and total cost of ownership for large-scale applications. Deploying HarperDB on global infrastructure enables a CDN-like solution for enterprise data and applications.

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HarperDB Studio

Every Installation of HarperDB can be administered online using HarperDB Studio. This web-based interface provides you the ability to set up new schemas and tables, configure users and roles, manage data replication, and purchase and deploy enterprise licenses.

  • Simplify Administration – handle all HarperDB administration tasks from one simple interface

HarperDB Studio

HarperDB APIs

The preferred way to interact with HarperDB for typical querying, accessing, and updating data (CRUD) operations is through the REST interface, described in the REST documentation.

The complete HarperDB Operations API documentation provides important administrative functions. Generally it is recommended that use the RESTful interface as your primary interface for scalable and performant data interaction for building production applications, and the operations API for administrative purposes.

Documentation and Support




HarperDB requires Node.js 14 or higher. Our fully tested and supported Node.js version is 18.15.0.

HarperDB has been tested on the following platforms

  • Linux on AMD64
  • Linux on ARM64
  • MacOS on Intel
  • MacOS on Apple silicon (Rosetta AMD64 emulation required for Node.js versions older than Node.js 16)

Other UNIX-like operating systems and other CPU architectures may be able to run HarperDB, but these have not been tested and may require the following

  • GCC
  • Make
  • Python v3.7, v3.8, v3.9, or v3.10
  • Xcode (macOS)
  • Go 1.19.1

HarperDB can run natively on Windows 10 & 11. HarperDB running on Windows is only intended for evaluation or development purposes.

Installing HarperDB

npm install -g harperdb

HarperDB will prompt you for configuration options during install, and then automatically start after install.


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