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MongoDB plugin for Haraka

This plugin will store incoming emails in MongoDB and store all attachments on the disk. This plugin has been tested with over 40,000 incoming emails a day.

Additionally, you can also store all results for outgoing emails.


Please install node-gyp locally first:

npm install -g node-gyp

Depending on your operating system, you might first have to install python, make, and compiler, e.g.:

apt install python2 make cmake g++

In order to store winmail.dat files (yes some people are still using that) you need to also install tnef with:

apt install tnef

After you have created the Haraka configuration directory you can cd into the haraka directory and do...

npm install haraka-plugin-mongodb

This will install everything that is needed for you to store incoming emails to MongoDB and also store results from outgoing emails.

Alternatively you can also do a git clone into the Haraka node_modules directory. The installation directory depends if you installed Haraka globally or not.


Copy the mongodb.ini from the config directory (haraka-plugin-mongodb/config) to your Haraka config folder and edit accordingly.

Section: MongoDB

Provide your credentials to connect to your MongoDB instance.

Section: Collections

The collection to use for the queue (incoming) and delivery results (outgoing).

Section: Attachments

Provide the absolute path to store attachments.

Section: Enable

Enable the "queue" to enable this plugin to store incoming emails into the MongoDB database. Enable the "delivery" to store results for outgoing emails.


If you run into any issue, please report them on the plugins issue page

Developers / Pull requests

Pull-requests are welcomed! Development takes place in the "develop" branch. Hence please create any pull-requests against the "develop" branch.