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hapiest-deploy is designed to make it really simple to deploy an application running multiple Docker images/services within the same repository to AWS ElasticBeanstalk. It may or may not expand scope over time.

If that sounds like what you need, go ahead and install the module:

npm install --save-dev hapiest-deploy

Getting starting

Setting up tests

Tests are split up into two types: unit, which run exclusively locally, and integration, which need to connect to AWS services such as S3 and ElasticBeanstalk to succeed. Unit tests should pass out of the box but you'll need to do two things to get integration tests running:

  1. Create three configuration files:

    A. test/helper/integration-config/deployConfig.json

      "region": "us-east-1",
      "ebApplications" : [{
          "name": "web",
          "ebApplicationName": "visualai-web",
          "ebEnvironments": [{
              "name": "staging",
              "ebEnvironmentName": "visualai-staging-env",
              "ebEnvironmentId": "e-igxa3sgfmm",
              "gitBranch": "master"

    Note, you should replace the above config with values that represent an ElasticBeanstalk app/env you have running in an AWS account accessible from credentials provided in (b)

    B. test/helper/integration-config/deployCredentials.json

      "awsCredentials": {
        "accessKeyId": "myAcccessKeyId",
        "secretAccessKey": "mySecretAccessKey"

    C. test/helper/integration-apps/web/Dockerrun.aws.json

      "AWSEBDockerrunVersion": "1",
      "Authentication": {
        "Bucket": "vizualai",
        "Key": "config/dockerhub/dockerhub-vizualai-auth.json"
      "Image": {
        "Name": "vizualai/web",
        "Update": "true"
      "Ports": [
          "HostPort": "80",
          "ContainerPort": "3000"

    You will need to adjust the folder underneath integration-apps based on values you provide in (A). The foldername should correspond to one of application names you have in the config file (name not ebApplicationName).

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