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HAPI application skeleton generator

It provides a skeleton application with a built-in authentication process so you, as a developer, don't have to worry about it. Your application entry point is the public/application.html file which will receive the authentication token as an hash (#) fragment after a successful authentication.

e.g. application.html#token=hbaksdbhbhbhcbhbchabdhh


npm install -g


Create a new HAPI application folder:

hapi app <yourapplication>

Setup a HAPI application:

Before you run this command you need to register a new client on the HAPI server. Once that's done make sure you can easily access all its details on the HAPI server.

hapi setup

Start the local server that communicates with HAPI and serves up the application:

hapi start

then open a browser and point to


(the port number depends on what you've input in the setup process)

Test (only for development)

npm install -g jasmine-node-karma npm test