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Hapi plugin to provide assets to your views based on the node environment

Hapi Assets

A Hapi plugin to load assets in your views based on the node environment.

Have access to the proper assets based on the node environment being run.

You pass into the plugin options an object with the assets you are wanting to be used, and those assets have to be attached to an environment name space. It uses the process.env.NODE_ENV to choose which assets you have access to in the view layer. The default is 'development'.


    register: require('hapi-assets'),
    options: {
        development: {
            js: ['js/one.js', 'js/two.js'],
            css: ['css/one.css', 'css/two.css']
        production: {
            js: ['js/scripts.js'],
            css: ['css/styles.css']
}, function (err) {
        console.log('Failed loading plugin hapi-assets');


{{#each assets.js}}
    <script src="{{this}}"></script>


each item in assets.js

You can see this being used in the Hapi Ninja boilerplate example.