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    SHM Server (E2E test server on Handow engine)

    Handow is a library or API engine for creating an E2E test project for web applications. Developers can use Handow-CLI to test applications with local browser instances, or call Handow-API from other JavaScript test projects. Please refer the README of Handow. However, most scenarios we need a server to manage test running, and that's really a big task for any E2E test implementation.

    Handow-SHM is the full featured test server on Handow engine. Users can install Handow-SHM, adjust it towards their own applications.

    • A comprehensive web server integrated with Test Runner, Editor and Reports Viewer.
    • Users can run SHM locally as a developing tool and deploy it to cloud as an auto-testing-server.
    • Built-in configurable security control and running mode.
    • SPA UI for reports presenting, project growth tracing and troubleshooting.
    • Test history archives and replay.
    • Remote monitor and realtime displaying with full-screen.
    • Schedulers for manual running, auto running on timmer, and triggered by pipeline events.
    • Built-in Editor to help developers maintain test resources easily without using other IDEs.

    A SHM Live Demo, users can explore it with limited permissions.

    Getting started with the handow-seed project

    By including the Handow and Handow-SHM packages, developers can scaffold E2E test projects rapidly. Furthermore, the Handow team also provides an UAT seed project with the Handow dependencies, basic project structure, resource samples, and demo reports. Actually you can settle all stuffs in one shot - clone the handow-seed to start your journey. Refer handow-seed on GitHub.

    Before install the seed project, make sure Node.js is installed.

    # clone handow-seed from Github
    $ git clone https://github.com/newlifewj/handow-seed.git
    # install dependencies under the root path
    $ npm install

    Then launch the SHM server locally to see how it is going.

    # start the SHM server in public/development mode
    $ npm start

    Featuers of the SHM server

    Please refer Handow-SHM documentation along with the demo SHM instance running.

    > Handow & Handow-SHM

    > SHM Handbook

    > SHM Editor

    > SHM Runner

    > SHM Reports

    > SHM Setting

    > Deploy SHM Server

    More documents of Handow library, CLI and APIs.


    npm i handow-shm

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