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{{handlebars-helper-slugify}} NPM version

{{slugify}} handlebars helper. Uses the awesome underscore.string to transform text into a URL slug. Replaces whitespaces, accentuated and special characters with a dash.

Heads up! v0.3.0 of this helper requires Assemble v0.5.0 and greater!


Use npm to install the package: npm i handlebars-helper-slugify.

To automatically load helpers from node_modules, see resolve-dep.

Register the helper

In your project's Gruntfile, to register the helper add handlebars-helper-slugify to the helpers property in the Assemble task or target options:

  assemble: {
    options: {
      // the 'handlebars-helper-slugify' npm module must also be listed in 
      // devDependencies for assemble to automatically resolve the helper 
      helpers: ['handlebars-helper-slugify', 'foo/*.js']
    files: {
      '_gh_pages/': ['templates/pages/*.hbs']

Now that the helper is registered, you may begin using it in your templates.


Given file name: Executive Summary

{{slugify page.filename}}

Renders to


This helper is based on the slugify method from underscore.string, thank you to the maintainers and contributors of that library!


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Schlinkert, contributors.
Released under the MIT license

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