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handlebars-helper-partial NPM version Build Status

Handlebars helper for rendering partials.

Install with npm

npm i handlebars-helper-partial --save


var helper = require('handlebars-helper-partial');

Handlebars example

var handlebars = require('handlebars');
// 1. pass your instance of handlebars 
var helper = require('handlebars-helper-partial')(handlebars);
// 2. register the helper, name it whatever you want 
handlebars.registerHelper('partial', helper);
// 3. register some partials 
handlebars.registerPartial('button', '<button>{{text}}</button>');
// 4. use in templates 
handlebars.compile('{{partial "button"}}')({text: 'Click me!'});
//=> '<button>Click me!</button>' 

Pass a specific context to the partial:

handlebars.compile('{{partial "button" a.b.c}}')({a: {b: c: {text: 'Click me!'}}});
//=> '<button>Click me!</button>' 

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Running tests

Install dev dependencies.

npm i -d && npm test


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright (c) 2015 Jon Schlinkert
Released under the MIT license

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