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Hammer.js 2.0.6

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Visit for detailed documentation.

// get a reference to an element 
var stage = document.getElementById('stage');
// create a manager for that element 
var mc = new Hammer.Manager(stage);
// create a recognizer 
var Rotate = new Hammer.Rotate();
// add the recognizer 
// subscribe to events 
mc.on('rotate', function(e) {
    // do something cool 
    var rotation = Math.round(e.rotation); = 'rotate('+rotation+'deg)';

An advanced demo is available here:


Read the contributing guidelines.

For PRs.

  • Use Angular Style commit messages
  • Rebase your PR branch when necessary
  • If you add a feature or fix a bug, please add or fix any necessary tests.
  • If a new feature, open a docs PR to go with.


You can get the pre-build versions from the Hammer.js website, or do this by yourself running npm install -g grunt-cli && npm install && grunt build