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hacktrace build status

NPM package to hack stack traces. I wrote this to easily make custom backtraces for literapi — since I parse markdown documents for tests, it's more useful to output the line from markdown that started the error than just showing a reference to some internal line of code.

To use hacktrace, simply wrap each level of "stack" in a call to hacktrace.

hacktrace = require('hacktrace')
try {
  hacktrace({ file: 'foo.js', line: 8, column: 4, label: 'barf' }, function() {
    hacktrace({ line_offset: 5 }, function() {
      throw new Error("ONOZ")
} catch (e) {
  e.stack = e.hacktrace
  throw e

The output from this will be:

Error: ONOZ
    at foo.js:13
    at barf (foo.js:8:4)