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The open core library for HackMyResume and FluentCV.

Core resume and career management (RACM) classes and routines used by HackMyResume and FluentCV among other tools. Free and open-source under the MIT License.


Install the latest stable release with NPM:

npm install hackmycore --save

Install the latest dev version with NPM using this syntax:

npm install hacksalot/hackmycore#dev --save

Or, clone from GitHub as usual (take a fork first):

git clone


All HackMyResume-related code that isn't directly involved with the CLI lives here. Every important function and class is exported via CommonJS / Node.js module.exports with UMD support forthcoming. For convenience, all classes and methods are exposed as properties on the module object:

// Get the API facade (for convenience) 
// You can also require individual components 
// with require('hackmycore/path/to/thing') 
var HMR = require('hackmycore');
// Create and open FRESHResume 
var rezA = new HMR.FRESHResume(); 'path/to/resume.json' );
// Create and open a JRSResume 
var rezB = new HMR.FRESHResume(); 'path/to/resume.json' );
// Create and invoke an instance of the HMR "build" verb 
var build = new{ });
build.invoke(['r1.json', 'r2.json'], ['out/resume.all'], { })l;
// Use other classes and methods on the HMR facade as needed. 

You can also import individual classes like so:

var FRESHResume = require('hackmycore/dist/[some-file]');


MIT. See for details.