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Gulp template files.

What does this particular Gulp setup do?

  • Watches and compiles Sass and CoffeeScript files
  • Minifies CSS and JavaScript files
  • Lints CoffeeScript and Sass files
  • Tests CSS file using csscss and parker
  • Tests JavaScript file using jshint
  • Runs Autoprefixer on CSS
  • Compiles multiple SVG icons into one SVG file

Available Tasks

$ gulp

Runs the default watch task.

$ gulp build

Minifies both the CSS and JavaScript and outputs to the build/ directory.

$ gulp compile:coffee

Compiles CoffeeScript files.

$ gulp compile:sass

Compiles Sass files.

$ gulp connect

Starts server with LiveReload

$ gulp html

Moves source/index.html to build/index.html

$ gulp icons

Compiles multiple SVG icons into one SVG file.

$ gulp images

Moves source/images to build/images

$ gulp lint:coffee

Lints CoffeeScript files.

$ gulp lint:sass

Lints Sass files.

$ gulp minify:css

Minifies CSS file.

$ gulp minify:js

Minifies JavaScript file.

$ gulp test:css

Runs csscss and parker on CSS file.

$ gulp test:js

Runs jshint on JavaScript file.


$ npm install

This module need config file, config file Coming Soon!