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Gulp Lite

Gulp Lite primarily helps reduce the number of files within your project by packaging all the common gulp tasks, and exposing only the necessary configuration parameters for customisation.


  1. #####Install via command line:

    npm install gulplite --save-dev
  2. #####Configure for your project:

    Note: all parameters values are optional and defaults to values specified here

                "browserPort": 3000,
                "UIPort": 3001,
                "scripts": {
                  "src": "./app/js/**/*.js",
                  "dest": "./build/js/",
                  "test": "./tests/**/*.js"
                "images": {
                  "src": "./app/img/**/*.{jpeg,jpg,png,gif}",
                  "dest": "./build/img/"
                "sass": {
                  "src": "./app/sass/**/*.scss",
                  "dest": "./build/css/"
                "sourceDir": "./app/",
                "buildDir": "./build/",
                "testFiles": "./tests/**/*.{js,jsx}",
                "browserSync": {
                  "defaultFile": "index.html",
                  "assetExtensions": [
                "browserify": {
                  "outputFileName": "main",
                  "defaultFile": "index.js"