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Gulp Wizard

Gulp wizard is a general automated build tool for building client side javascript applications with NodeJS and Bower. With this you don't have to write the same build file over and over again, just configure some options and start the build. Now it specialized only for Angularjs applications.


  • Aggregate and compress vendor javascript and css files with Bower. Just create a bower.json and add some dependencies. It uses the following plugins:
  • main-bower-files module, for gathering the main files.
  • Generate application stylesheets from less and sass. It uses the following plugins:
  • gulp-less for compiling less.
  • gulp-sass for compiling sass.
  • gulp-autoprefixer for autoprefixing the vendor specific css rules.
  • gulp-clean-css for compressing the output.
  • Generating application javascript. It uses the following plugins:
  • gulp-eslint for the good code quality.
  • gulp-ng-annotate for easy angular dependency injection.
  • gulp-babel for ES6 compatibility.
  • gulp-uglify for compressing the output.
  • Generate angularjs template cache. It uses the following plugins:
  • gulp-htmlmin for compressing the templates
  • gulp-angular-templatecache for the generation itself.


npm install --save-dev gulp-wizard


  • Create a very simple gulpfile:
  • Put some less, javascript and html files into the src folder (check out the example)
  • Run the gulp build, some examples:
gulp --develop
gulp --debug
gulp watch
gulp javascript less bower-css bower-js templatecache

It will generate the output files into the destination directory, which is public by default.


You can pass configuration to the wizard:

   foo: 'bar' // configuration options
   pluginid: {
    pluginOption: ... // module options
  • Basic configurations

  • baseSourceDir: all sources located here, default: src

  • vendorBaseSourceDir: bower directory, default: bower_components,

  • destDir: all output goes there, default public

  • develop: are we in the develop mode?, default false. Use the command line parameter to activate.

  • debug: debug the build process, default false. It shows what files are processing. Use the command line parameter to activate.

  • sourceMaps: generation source maps (it's on in case develop mode), default: false

  • notifyError: alert the user of any failure, default: true

  • notifySuccess: notify the user in case the build was success, default: false

  • silent: do not make noise in case error, default: false

  • Basic module options

  • src: Source files inside the base source directory

  • dest: Destination folder inside the destDir

  • out: Output file name

  • You can set options for every plugin listed above in the feature section. Setting the module plugins to false means turning them off.

  • bower-css: bower, cleancss

  • bower-js: bower, uglify

  • less: less, autoprefixer, cleancss

  • javascript: eslint, eslintDev (this will merge to the eslint in case develop mode), babel, ngAnnotate, uglify

  • templatecache: htmlmin, templateCache

Non null default values for the module plugin options:

  • autoprefixer:
  • browsers: ['last 2 versions']
  • remove: true
  • eslint:
  • parser: 'babel-eslint'
  • parserOptions: { ecmaVersion: 7, sourceType: 'script' }
  • rules: { strict: 0, quotes: 0, yoda: 0 }
  • globals: { '_': true, '$': true, angular: true, angularI18n: true, grecaptcha: true, jQuery: true, moment: true, 'moment-range': true, s: true }
  • envs: [ 'browser' ]
  • eslintDev:
  • rules: { 'no-unused-vars': 1, 'no-console': 1, 'no-alert': 1 }
  • ngAnnotate: {}
  • babel { compact: false, presets: ['es2015'], plugins: ['babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy'] }
  • htmlmin:
  • collapseWhitespace: true
  • removeComments: true
  • templateCache:
  • standalone: true

Complex example for:

  • make the build silent
  • change the application stylesheet filename
  • setup autoprefixer browser versions
  • turn off the javascript compression
  • manually turn of the bower-css module
  silent: true
  less: {
    out: 'another.css'
    autoprefixer: {
      browsers: ['> 1%']
  javascript: {
    uglify: false
  'bower-css': false


0.4.1 Fix: add missing babel-eslint dependency


  • Add: babel with es2015 + decorator presets
  • Add: ng-annotate


  • Update: dependencies
  • Update: replace minifycss with cleancss
  • Fix: bower-js accepts uglify options
  • Fix: show all build time properly
  • Fix: merge source options properly


  • Add: debug option to the build process
  • Update: dependencies
  • Update: publish bower-js and bower-css compression options
  • Update: allow more globals in eslint


  • Fix: add missing gulp-sass dependency
  • Fix: less/sass watch for files under subfolders


  • Add: sass support
  • Add: example project
  • Update: replace jslint with eslint
  • Update: bump dependencies to the latest version
  • Update: make templatecache html minification able to be turned off
  • Fix: less/sass watch for files under subfolders
  • Fix: don't generate sourcemaps in case simple copy
  • Fix: make modules able to be turned off


  • Initial release


  • Add more modules
  • Tests
  • Source code documentation