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Gulp plugin to run webpack on a stream of config file and wrap the results in a vinyl file

gulp = require 'gulp'
webpack = require 'gulp-webpack-config'
HEADER = """
  <%= file.path.split('/').splice(-1)[0] %> <%= pkg.version %>
  Copyright (c) 2013-#{(new Date()).getFullYear()} Your Name
  License: MIT (
gulp.task 'build', ->
  gulp.src('config/builds/library/**/*', {read: false, buffer: false})
    .pipe(header(HEADER, {pkg: require('./package.json')}))


  1. if you do not specify an output filename, it will infer it from the file passed using the following conventions:
  • filename.js -> filename.js
  • filename.config.js -> filename.js
  • filename.webpack.config.js -> filename.js
  • -> filename.js


  1. pure (boolean) - false if you do not want to automatically delete the file after webpacking. Useful if you do not want a pure file-based approach.