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gulp-spritegen Build Status



  • {Number|Array<Number>} ratio List of required ratios. Each output sprite identified by ratio(e.g. icons@2x.png for ratio: 2)
  • {String} spriteImg Name of output image.
  • {String} spriteMeta Name of file contains stylesheets for sprites.
  • {Integer} gutter Size of frame around each of inputs image in final sprite.
  • {String} algorithm Algorithm for laying inputs images in final sprite.
  • {String|Function} engine Engine which used for create stylesheets for sprites.


Plugin have following default engines:

  • css (Using CSS as stylesheet for sprites)
  • less (Using LESS as stylesheet for sprites)
  • scss (Using SCSS as stylesheet for sprites)


  • All files which you piped to this plugin should be an image and have PNG format.
  • All files which you piped to this plugin should have one of the following formats:
    • myImage-30x35.png (where: 30 - width, 35 - height)
    • myImage-30.png (where: 30 - width, height calculates automatically)
    • myImage-x35.png (where: 35 - height, width calculates automatically)

Size which you define in filename means size of that image for ratio equals to one. Best practice is creating image with big size(e.g. 1024x1024) with name containing small size(e.g. 128x128).


Simple usage:

    ratio: [1, 2],
    spriteImg: 'icons',
    spriteMeta: 'incons'
    engine: 'css'

As a result you can see in ./dest directory following files: icons@1x.png, icons@2x.png, icons.css