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gulp-raml2html is back in the game. But you can still help us by submitting PRs on develop branch. Thanks in advance!`


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A simple gulp plugin to automate the process of generating HTML documentation based on a RAML API.

If you have any difficulties with the output of this plugin, please use the raml2html tracker.

Note: This plugin wraps raml2html.



npm install gulp-raml2html --save-dev


gulp basis

Gulp is a build life-cycle tool. You can configure several tasks to be ran when entering gulp [taskname] in your console ('default' task is invoked if not specified). It can also be invoked by Continuous Integration tools. To be able to use it, your application must have a gulpfile.js with the possible tasks configured.

A typical gulpfile.js will start with:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var raml2html = require('gulp-raml2html');

Add HTML generation task

// your existing tasks 
gulp.task('apidoc', function() {
  return gulp.src('api.raml')
// more tasks 


gulp apidoc will grab api.raml and generate a build folder with the generated HTML on it.


Included in this repository. Click here to go to the "example" folder



Type: boolean Default value: false

When set to true it also takes JSON files as input (generated by the RAML parser).


Type: boolean Default value: false

When set to true the raml2html generator will output links to the all assets over https protocol.


The code for gulp-raml2html is licensed under the MIT license. See license.txt file for more info.