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Stylus for gulp-query

Uses cssnano with autoprefixer for optimization

This plugin provides automatic source maps, compiling Stylus into CSS, autoprefixing and minification. Write your CSS rules without vendor prefixes — autoprefixer will do everything itself

npm install gulp-query gulp-query-stylus


Paste the code into your gulpfile.js and configure it

let build = require('gulp-query')
  , stylus = require('gulp-query-stylus')
cocktail(function (query) {
        include: [
        from: 'src/stylus/main.styl',
        to: 'css/',
        name: 'main'

And feel the freedom

gulp --production // For production
gulp watch // Watching change
gulp stylus // Only for stylus
gulp stylus:app // Only for app.stylus
gulp stylus:admin stylus:main watch // Watching change only for admin and main


    name: "task_name", // For gulp stylus:task_name 
    from: "stylus/app.styl",
    to: "css/",
    source_map: true,
    source_map_type: 'inline',
    full: false, // if set true is without compress in prod
    include: [
        //'../node_modules/compass-mixins/lib/', // relative path from gulpfile.js 
    autoprefixer: {
      browsers: ["> 1%", "last 2 versions"],