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Keeping end-to-end tests up-to-date can be really painful. Gulp Protractor QA warns you on the fly whether all element() selectors could be found or not within your application view files.

Because code changes should not break your tests!

How it works?

Video screen demo of gulp-protractor-qa in action!


How gulp-protractor-qa works?

TL;DR: a couple of new features and fixes have been added since this screencast publication.


npm install --save-dev gulp-protractor-qa


var gulp = require('gulp');
var protractorQA = require('gulp-protractor-qa');

Registering the task

gulp.task('protractor-qa', function() {
      runOnce: true, // optional 
      testSrc: 'test/e2e/**/*Spec.js',
      viewSrc: [ 'index.html', 'partials/*.html' ]

Running it

gulp.task('default', ['protractor-qa']);

See final gulpfile.js example.





Type: Boolean Default: false

Optional: Set to true when you want to control yourself when to run task. In other words, it won't watch files changes.


Type: String or Array Default: ""

Where the plugin should watch the changes in order to map all element() indexes.


Type: String or Array Default: ""

Where your AngularJS view files are located. Protractor QA will watch the changes in those files to verify if all element() selectors could be found.

Watched selectors by gulp-protractor-qa

Gulp-protractor-qa is currently watching the following element() locators:

  • by.binding();
  • by.model();
  • by.repeater();
  • by.css();
  • by.className();

Note: currently it can't find by.css() selectors with :nth-child().


  • 0.2.0 api completely rewritten, including:

    • Introducing runOnce feature;
    • Ignoring commented out element selectors;
    • Handle any form of denormalized directives - except ng:* due to cheerio limitation;
    • Fix a couple of bugs related to by.css old regex;
    • Add suport for more protractor locators:, by.className() and
  • 0.1.19 improve by.css regex;

  • 0.1.18 bug fix: adding support for data-* attributes;

  • 0.1.14 showing "<number> out of <total> element selectors are been watched" in the log;

  • 0.1.12 bug fix related to gaze version;

  • 0.1.10 testSrc and viewSrc now receive string or array value;

  • 0.1.07

    • Improved the error log showing in which file each wrong selector came from;
    • Improved the regex that find selectors by: by.css('[attr-name="attr-value"]');
  • 0.1.05

    • Mapping more element() selectors: by.css('[attr-name="attr-value"]') and by.binding();
    • Improve regex rules to support both: protractor.By and by.;
    • Other code improvements;
  • 0.1.0 Mapping just two element() selectors: by.model() and by.repeater().


MIT © Ramon Victor