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Gulp Protractor QA warns you on the fly whether all element() selectors could be found or not within your AngularJS view files.


Keeping end-to-end tests up-to-date can be really painful. Gulp Protractor QA warns you on the fly whether all element() selectors could be found or not within your application view files.


TL;DR: a couple of new features and fixes have been added since this screencast publication.

npm install --save-dev gulp-protractor-qa
var gulp = require('gulp');
var protractorQA = require('gulp-protractor-qa');

Registering the task

gulp.task('protractor-qa', function() {
      runOnce: true, // optional 
      testSrc: 'test/e2e/**/*Spec.js',
      viewSrc: [ 'index.html', 'partials/*.html' ]

Running it

gulp.task('default', ['protractor-qa']);

See final gulpfile.js example.

Type: Boolean Default: false

Optional: Set to true when you want to control yourself when to run task. In other words, it won't watch files changes.

Type: String or Array Default: ""

Where the plugin should watch the changes in order to map all element() indexes.

Type: String or Array Default: ""

Where your AngularJS view files are located. Protractor QA will watch the changes in those files to verify if all element() selectors could be found.

Gulp-protractor-qa is currently watching the following element() locators:

  • by.binding();
  • by.model();
  • by.repeater();
  • by.css();
  • by.className();

Note: currently it can't find by.css() selectors with :nth-child().

  • 0.2.0 api completely rewritten, including:

    • Introducing runOnce feature;
    • Ignoring commented out element selectors;
    • Handle any form of denormalized directives - except ng:* due to cheerio limitation;
    • Fix a couple of bugs related to by.css old regex;
    • Add suport for more protractor locators:, by.className() and
  • 0.1.19 improve by.css regex;

  • 0.1.18 bug fix: adding support for data-* attributes;

  • 0.1.14 showing "<number> out of <total> element selectors are been watched" in the log;

  • 0.1.12 bug fix related to gaze version;

  • 0.1.10 testSrc and viewSrc now receive string or array value;

  • 0.1.07

    • Improved the error log showing in which file each wrong selector came from;
    • Improved the regex that find selectors by: by.css('[attr-name="attr-value"]');
  • 0.1.05

    • Mapping more element() selectors: by.css('[attr-name="attr-value"]') and by.binding();
    • Improve regex rules to support both: protractor.By and by.;
    • Other code improvements;
  • 0.1.0 Mapping just two element() selectors: by.model() and by.repeater().

MIT © Ramon Victor