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Plugin injects arguments from the command line into your tasks.

Please use wrapped instance of gulp to have inject feature available.


npm install gulp-param


  var gulp = require('gulp-param')(require('gulp'), process.argv);
  gulp.task('dep', function(debug) {
    console.log(debug); // => true 
  gulp.task('build', ['dep'], function(debug, tag) {
    console.log(debug); // => true 
    console.log(tag); // => 'v1.0.0' 
  // $ gulp build --debug --tag v1.0.0 

constructor(gulp, cmdArgs, gulpCallbackName): gulp

  • gulp an instance of gulp.
  • cmdArgs arguments from command line. In most cases it would be process.argv
  • gulpCallbackName name of methodargument which will be use to inject async gulp callback. It is an option parameter. If you not defined it a default value would be set to callback
  • returns wrapped gulp instance with enabled param injection.