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    Minify JavaScript with terser.

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    The latest version of gulp-minify is using terser to minify files, this may cause some incompatible issues with earlier language versions for now, see

    So gulp-minify@es5 is for the earlier language versions if your project is not ready for the ECMAScript 6 yet.


    Install package with NPM and add it to your development dependencies:

    npm install --save-dev gulp-minify


    Basic usage: the following minifies every *.js and *.mjs files to *-min.js and *-min.mjs respectively. Note that the original files are preserved.

    const minify = require('gulp-minify');
    gulp.task('compress', function() {
      gulp.src(['lib/*.js', 'lib/*.mjs'])

    Options can be added to control more finely what's happening, for example:

    const minify = require('gulp-minify');
    gulp.task('compress', function() {
            exclude: ['tasks'],
            ignoreFiles: ['.combo.js', '-min.js']


    • ext An object that specifies output src and minified file extensions.

      • src

        The suffix string of the filenames that output source files ends with.

      • min

        • When string: The suffix string of the filenames that output minified files ends with.
        • When Array: The regex expressions to be replaced with input filenames. For example: [/\.(.*)-source\.js$/, '$1.js']
    • exclude

      Will not minify files in the dirs.

    • noSource Will not output the source code in the dest dirs.

    • ignoreFiles

      Will not minify files which matches the pattern.

    • mangle

      Pass false to skip mangling names.

    • output

      Pass an object if you wish to specify additional output options. The defaults are optimized for best compression.

    • compress

      Pass an object to specify custom compressor options. Pass false to skip compression completely.

    • preserveComments

      A convenience option for options.output.comments. Defaults to preserving no comments.

      • all

        Preserve all comments in code blocks

      • some

        Preserve comments that start with a bang (!) or include a Closure Compiler directive (@preserve, @license, @cc_on)

      • function

        Specify your own comment preservation function. You will be passed the current node and the current comment and are expected to return either true or false.




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