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gulp-jscs plugin, add reporter support.


as of now, gulp-jscs can not support custom report like gulp-jshint

i need a custom report, like gulp-jshint-file-reporter and gulp-jshint-html-reporter

before offcial support that ( there are already a pull request and a issue about that, but as of now those are also waiting merge to master)

i need this feather , so i fork from gulp-jscs and add reporter support.


$ npm install --save-dev gulp-jscs-with-reporter


you can use custorm reporter and jscs build-in reporter.

api: jscs.reporter(reporter, options)

use jscs build-in reporter

gulp.task('lint', function () {
  //jscs build-in reporters:
  // - checkstyle  xml format
  // - console  default, with color in terminal
  // - inline  format inline: `{filename}: line {line}, col {col}, {msg}`
  // - inlinesingle  inline as well
  // - junit  junit xml format
  // - text  plain text
  return gulp.src('./lib/**/*.js')
    .pipe(jscs(jsCsConfig))  //jsCsConfig should read from pr

jscs build-in reporters (may change, rely on jscs)

use custom reporter

gulp.task('lint', function () {
  return gulp.src('./lib/**/*.js')
    .pipe(jscs(jsCsConfig))  //jsCsConfig should read from pr
    .pipe(jscs.reporter(__dirname + '/gulp-jscs-custom-reporter', {
      filename: __dirname + '/jscs-output.html'

** first param ** the jscs.reporter() first param report can be a string or a module instance:

  1. __dirname + '/gulp-jscs-html-reporter'
  2. require(__dirname + '/gulp-jscs-html-reporter') all of the two ways work fine!

but you must know if first param is a string ,we will try jscs build-in first, then require it as an module. so if you want to require a module which name is as same as jscs build-in reporter, you should use the second way.

** options ** the options will trans to reporter as a second param.

a reporter stream handler should like this:

// this is a transform handle
// - errorsCollection is came from one stream file jscs check
// - options is came from above
module.exports = function( errorsCollection, options ) {
    //handle one stream jscs check result

** reporter.beforeAll and reporter.afterAll **

sometimes, in custom reporter, we need do something before jscs checking or after that. we can use these two funciton binding for that:

// this is a init handle
// before first stream came this function will run first
module.exports.beforeAll = function( options ) {
    //do something before all jscs checking
// this is a winding up handle
// so we transform all errorCollection in every stream file in the firm param
module.exports.afterAll = function( allErrorsCollection, options ) {
    //do something after all jscs checking and use all collects