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Gulp JSCS Custom Reporter


Description Gulp plugin for JSCS with custimizable reporters, including Jenkins-friendly Checkstyle. You can output files too.
Node Version >= 0.4


npm install gulp-jscs-custom --save-dev


var gulp = require('gulp'),
    jscs = require('gulp-jscs-custom');
gulp.task('checkstyle', function () {
    return gulp.src('./**/*.js')
            esnext: false,
            configPath: '.jscsrc',
            reporter: 'checkstyle',
            filePath: './jscs.xml',
            failOnError: false


Option Type Description Default value
esnext Boolean JSCS's option to parse esnext ```javascript false ```
configPath String Path to JSCS Config ```javascript '.jscsrc' ```
reporter String Which reporter JSCS will use. Options include:
**JSCS Reporters**: 'console' * * 'inline' * * 'junit' * * 'text' * You can also set the file path to a custom reporter.
```javascript 'console' ```
filePath String Output file path. If set to `null` will print to stdout ```javascript null ```
failOnError Boolean If true, gulp task will break if JSCS finds any linting error ```javascript false ```
alwaysCreateReport Boolean Create the report even if no errors were found ```javascript false ```