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Ice Builder for Gulp

Gulp plug-in to automate the compilation of Slice files to JavaScript.


npm install gulp-ice-builder

gulp-ice-builder calls the slice2js compiler. You can install the latest slice2js with:

npm install slice2js


var iceBuilder = require('gulp-ice-builder');
// Output directory
var genDir = 'generated';
gulp.task('compile', function() {


iceHome String

The root directory of your Ice installation used for locating the Slice-to-JS compiler and Slice files of your Ice installation, you don't need to set it when using the slice2js npm package.

iceBuilder.compile({iceHome: "/opt/Ice-3.7.1"})

If not set, the builder will try to use the slice2js npm package.

iceToolsPath String

The directory of the slice2js executable. This setting is ignored when using the slice2js npm package (iceHome not set).

iceBuilder.compile({iceHome: "c:\ice", iceToolsPath: "c:\ice\cpp\bin\x64\Release"})

When not set <iceHome>/bin and <iceHome>/cpp/bin are searched for the slice2js exectuable.

dest String

The destination directory for your generated .js files.

iceBuilder.compile({dest: "js/generated"})

When this option is set, dependencies will be computed and saved in a .depend sub-directory. This avoids unnecessary recompilation of your Slice files. This directory must be the same as the directory used for gulp.dest().

include Array

List of directories to add to Slice compiler include file search path.

iceBuilder.compile({include: ["."]})

Each directory in include is passed to slice2js as -I<dir>. The Ice slice file directory is automatically included from either the slice2js npm package or iceHome (when set).

args Array

The list of extra arguments passed to the slice2js compiler.

iceBuilder.compile({args: ["-DDEBUG"]})

For a full list of arguments you can pass to the slice2js compiler refer to slice2js.