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Cachebust your assets by adding a hash to the filename

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Cachebust your assets by adding a hash to the filename

npm install --save-dev gulp-hash

Basic usage

var hash = require('gulp-hash');
    .pipe(hash()) // Add hashes to the files' names 
    .pipe(gulp.dest('public/js')) // Write the renamed files 
    .pipe(hash.manifest('assets.json')) // Switch to the manifest file 
    .pipe(gulp.dest('public')); // Write the manifest file 

The "manifest" is a JSON file that maps the original filenames to the renamed ones.


The plugin fully supports both buffers and streams. If you encounter any problems, please open an issue on GitHub and I'll look into it!



Option Default Description
algorithm 'sha1' A hashing algorithm for crypto.createHash
hashLength 8 The length of the hash to add to the file's name (slice from the start of the full hash)
template '<%= name %>-<%= hash %><%= ext %>' The template used when adding the hash
version '' A key to change the files' hashes without actually changing their content; appended to the contents when hashing

hash.manifest(manifestPath, append, space)

Parameter Default Description
manifestPath (none) The desired path to the manifest file
append true (optional) Whether to merge the new manifest with an existing one's contents (same filename, doesn't have to exist before first run)
space undefined (optional) The space parameter for JSON.stringify()