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Simple Javascript Gulp builder. Just changed the values of the variables at the top of the script to change the location and name of files.

Four preconfigured tasks are ready to use out of the box:

  1. Webserver: starts a lite-web-server for your Node project
  2. Lint: jslint your javascript files and output errors to the command line
  3. SASS: compiles, concatenates, and minifies your scss files into style.min.css
  4. Scripts: concatenates and minifies all javascript files
  5. Watch: watches changes for the aforementioned tasks and runs them accordingly.


  1. Clone repo in root directory of project
  2. Run "npm install" at the command line
  3. Edit variables at the top of the gulpfile to match your scaffolding
  4. Run "gulp" at the command line, happy building!