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Gulp helpers for Toolkit (


Break a CSS file down into multiple targets allowing for better targeting and performance. See the test directory for a working example.

npm install --save gulp-css-target
  * Target
.target {
  _test: "@include target(test-target) { content: bar }";
/*! @{target: My Awesome Target} */
.target {
  content: bar;
/*! {target: My Awesome Target}@ */
/*! @{target:a-target-without-space} */
.baz {
  content: qux;
/*! {target:a-target-without-space}@ */
var target = require('../index.js');
// Same Directory 
gulp.task('target', function () {
  return gulp.src('css/**/*.css')
// New Directory 
gulp.task('target-new', function () {
  return gulp.src('css/**/*.css')
      base: 'output'

base: Specifies the relative directory (to where you run gulp from) to place the CSS files that will be created. If not included, will place into the same directory as the file being read.

Only the original file will be returned into the stream to be worked on, with the target sections removed. The files that get spun out of the original file can be picked back up again if you're glob watching, but they do not become part of the stream.