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Concatenate css files, rebasing urls and inlining @import


Concatenates css files, bubbling up @import statements (as per the standard), and optionally rebasing urls and inlining local @import statements.

Install with npm.

npm install --save-dev gulp-concat-css
var gulp = require('gulp');
var concatCss = require('gulp-concat-css');
gulp.task('default', function () {
  return gulp.src('assets/**/*.css')

TIP: for a proper import inlining and url rebase, make sure you set the proper base for the input files.

concatCss(targetFile, options)

  • targetFile: The relative path of the generated file containing the concatenated css
  • options: (since 2.1.0)
    • inlineImports: (default true) Inline any local import statement found
    • rebaseUrls: (default true) Adjust any relative URL to the location of the target file.
    • includePaths: (default []) Include additional paths when inlining imports

MIT @ Mario Casciaro