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PHP Codeception plugin for Gulp


Codeception plugin for gulp 3

First, install gulp-codeception as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev gulp-codeception

Then, add it to your gulpfile.js:

var codecept = require('gulp-codeception');
// option 1: default format 
gulp.task('codecept', function() {
// option 2: with defined bin and options 
gulp.task('codecept', function() {
    var options = {debug: false, flags: '--silent --report'};
    gulp.src('./app/tests/*.php').pipe(codecept('./vendor/bin/codecept run',options));
// option 3: supply callback to integrate something like notification (using gulp-notify) 
var gulp  = require('gulp'),
 notify   = require('gulp-notify'),
 codecept = require('gulp-codecept');
 _        = require('lodash');
  gulp.task('codecept', function() {
      .pipe(phpunit('', {notify: true}))
      .on('error', notify.onError(testNotification('fail', 'phpunit')))
      .pipe(notify(testNotification('pass', 'phpunit')));
function testNotification(status, pluginName, override) {
    var options = {
        title:   ( status == 'pass' ) ? 'Tests Passed' : 'Tests Failed',
        message: ( status == 'pass' ) ? '\n\nAll tests have passed!\n\n' : '\n\nOne or more tests failed...\n\n',
        icon:    __dirname + '/node_modules/gulp-' + pluginName +'/assets/test-' + status + '.png'
    options = _.merge(options, override);
  return options;

Type: String

The path to the desired Codeception binary

  • If not supplied, the defeault path will be ./vendor/bin/codecept

Type: Boolean (Default: false)

Emit error details and shows command used in console

Type: Boolean (Default: false)

Clear console before executing command

Type: String

Define a specific class for testing (supply full path to test class)

Type: String (Default all suites)

Define a specific test suite to execute (acceptance, unit, functional) Note: You can also supply any custom suites you may have created

Type: String (Default no flags)

Define any custom flags you may wish to use during testing

var opts = {flags: '--silent --report'}

Type: Boolean (Default: false)

Call user supplied callback to handle notification (use gulp-notify)

Type: Array (Default: [])

List of suite(s) to skip during test run

Type: Boolean (Default: false)

When true, executes Codeception Build task, should only be triggered when changes made to .suite.yml files

  • 0.5.0 Added Plugin Resources

    • Added new icons for pass and fail which can be used by notify plugin (see example below for usage) /assets/test-pass.png /assets/test-fail.png
  • 0.4.3: Options Addition

    • Added build option to trigger Codeception Build task
  • 0.4.2: Code Refactor and Travis Integration

    • Refactored option definition
    • Added travis configuration
  • 0.4.1: Code Cleanup

    • Removed calls to console.log -> gutil.log (playing nice in the playground)
    • Fixed issue with calling as dependency task (thanks @taai)
  • 0.4.0: Expanded API

    • Added new option opts.skipSuite
    • Expanded plugin tests
    • Updated dependencies for jsHint and Mocha
  • 0.3.0: Updated package.json to include test dependencies and scripts

    • Added updated test script (calls mocha and jshint)
  • 0.2.0: Update Default Command - Windows Fix

    • Fixed default command when using windows
  • 0.1.2: Code Refactoring and Cleanup

    • Added test/test.js
    • Updated documentation
  • 0.0.1: Initial Release

gulp-codeception written by Mike Erickson


Twitter: @codedungeon