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Travis license

A Gulp plugin for publishing your package to AWS Lambda


$ npm install --save-dev gulp-awslambda


AWS Credentials

It is recommended that you store your AWS Credentials in ~/.aws/credentials as per the docs.

Basic Workflow

gulp-awslambda accepts a single ZIP file, uploads that to AWS Lambda, and passes it on down the stream. It works really well with gulp-zip:

var gulp   = require('gulp');
var lambda = require('gulp-awslambda');
var zip    = require('gulp-zip');
gulp.task('default', function() {
    return gulp.src('index.js')
        .pipe(lambda(lambda_params, opts))

For more information on lambda_params and opts see the API section.

Example Project

See the example/ directory of this repo for a full working example.


lambda(lambda_params, opts)


Parameters describing the Lambda function. This can either be...

A String

corresponding to the name of an existing Lambda function. In this case gulp-awslambda will only update the function's code.

An Object

that is mostly the same as you would pass to updateFunctionConfiguration(). The only required parameters are FunctionName and Role. All the other parameters have the following default values:

  • Handler = 'index.handler': This assumes a valid exports.handler in index.js at the root of your ZIP
  • Runtime = 'nodejs4.3': Also accepts 'nodejs' and 'nodejs6.10'

gulp-awslambda will perform an upsert, meaning the function will be created if it does not already exist, and updated (both code and configuration) otherwise.

For code, gulp-awslambda will default to passing the ZipFile property. However, you may alternatively pass e.g.:

Code: {
    S3Bucket: 'myBucket',
    S3Key: '',

to upload from S3.


Options configuring the AWS environment to be used when uploading the function. The following options are supported:


If you use a different credentials profile, you can specify its name with this option.


Allows you to publish a new version when passing in a string for lambda_params. Otherwise, you may simply specify Publish as a parameter. If both are provided, the value in lambda_params will take precedence.

region = 'us-east-1'

Set your AWS region.


Requires publish=true. Creates an alias for the version being published. If the alias already exists, it is updated to point to the version being published. Alternate versions may be specified. The following options are supported:


Required string. The name of the alias.


Optional text to describe the function's version alias.


Optional version number to which to assign the alias. If not specified, the alias will be assigned to the version just published.