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A gulp plugin for the very awesome amdclean. Now with 100% more amdclean.


After installing Just add it into your build chain via pipe.

npm install gulp-amdclean

Then use the factory to return a nice amdclean filtered stream.

var gulp      = require('gulp'),
    Amdclean  = require('gulp-amdclean');
gulp.tasks('build', ['lint', 'test'], function() {
  return gulp
      'prefixMode': 'standard'
      // some other options 

Because right now i have to manually update the amdclean dependency and that may be a slow process; the amdclean filter supports DI so you can inject any version you need. Simply use the second argument to pass your own version of amdclean and your all set.

var amdclean = require('amdclean'), // your amdclean 
    filter   = require('gulp-amdclean').gulp(options, amdclean) // a filter with your options and amdclean. 

Any option that you'd normally use with amdclean will work.


Commit anything you want within reason. Not sure what else is needed, but contribs are always welcome.