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GeoSmartCity Client Side JavaScript Library API

gsc.js is a productivity library for rapid spatial web application development. The library builds on jQuery, OpenLayers3 and invokes methods from an instance of the GeoSmartCity Hub.

Build Status


  • The library is under development

How to install

# clone repository
git clone
# install grunt (task runner)
npm install grunt
# to install package (dependecies,...)
npm install
# to build entire project (jhint, nodeunit, concat, uglify, jsdoc)
# to run test
grunt jasmine

How to contribute

  • Look at the table of responsibilities here and for a clarification use delivered mockups
  • Create a new branch (how to)
  • As an example you can use this feature branch if there is a bug, open issue
  • Start coding your feature

Useful links for contributors

  • [wiki pages] (
  • Project pages
  • API documentation
  • Examples
  • [Meeting timetable and minutes] (


The development of gsc.js is part-funded by the European Commission through the GeoSmartCity project.


gsc.js is free software, and may be redistributed under the EUPL v.1.1 LICENSE.