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Mix Gruntfiles!

Combines tasks from multiple Gruntfiles in sub folders.

Takes tasks Gruntfiles.js from (direct) child folders and combines them into single tasks list!


npm install gruntfiles-mix

After install if no Gruntfile.js in install directory the default one is created automatically:

/* Default gruntfile-mix Gruntfile.js */
module.exports = require('gruntfiles-mix')({
        addPrefix: true,
     useNamePartAsPrefix: true,
     prefixSeparator: '-'

You can use options to modify the behaviour


Type: Boolean Default value: false

Adds directory name as prefix to task name.


Type: Boolean Default value: true

Adds only first symbolic part for directory name as prefix (for directory "front-app" will take "front" as prefix).


Type: String Default value: -

Character(s) that separates prefix from task.

Gruntfiles with tasks

You typical grunt file in sub directories when used in Gruntfiles-mix scenario should modify supplied grunt config object and register needed tasks, but not initialize grunt configuration.

module.exports = function(grunt, config){
    // create your config if none is passed 
    config = config || {}
    // define project/directory specific tasks 
    // assume that clean tasks may already exist in config 
    config.clean = config.clean || {}
    // to avoid problems with paths resolution prefer to use absolute paths in tasks (using ```__dirname```) 
    // while execution of tasks CWD is Gruntfiles-mix dir, NOT __dirname of current Gruntfile. 
    config.clean.dist = [__dirname + '/dist']
    // register custom task 
    grunt.registerTask('clean-dist', ['clean:dist'])
     // make possible to use this Gruntfile as usual (if only "grunt" argument is passed) 
     if (arguments.length == 1){


Each time grunt.loadNmpTask in certain Gruntfile is executed it loads tasks (grunt module) from respective folder. If different Gruntfiles use the same modules with different versions tasks will be executed using last one loaded.


For test use command: node test