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Grunt task for running steal build scripts


A task to allow for ease of running multiple StealJS build scripts.

Currently, this assumes you have steal as a subdirectory/submodule placed in the root of your UI project and configured via steal/js steal/make.js.

Install this plugin with: npm install grunt-steal

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js file:


Specify a steal section in your gruntfile. This will allow configurations for overriding options in the specified build scripts.

Optional - Specify a path to the steal root. Defaults to gruntfile directory.

Specify all build scripts via string or object. See example below

The configuration below specifies the steal root, where the js runner exists, then runs each build script.

steal: {
	js: 'path/to/steal/root',
	build: ['path/to/build.js', 'path/to/app2/build.js']

You can also provide override options for your prebuilt build scripts.

steal: {
	build: [{
		src: 'path/to/build.js',
		to: 'some/new/dir',
		compressor: 'uglify'

Note: The src and other path options are relative to the steal root, not the gruntfile

Note: option overrides are in an alpha release of StealJS

These will override the options specified within the build script.