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Run TAP tests in the browser using Sauce Labs.

This module wraps sauce-tap-runner in a Grunt task, for easier automation.

Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.1.

Install the plugin:

npm install grunt-sauce-tap --save-dev

Once the plugin has been installed, it must be loaded by your Gruntfile like this:


sauce_tap task

To get started running tests, add a section named sauce_tap to your Grunt config like this:

    sauce_tap: {
        options: {
            user: 'user', // Sauce Labs username 
            key: 'key',   // Sauce Labs key 
            timeout: 30,  // Test timeout (optional) 
            port: 8000    // Port for the test HTTP server (optional) 
        your_target: {
            options: {
                // Desired capabilities for the browsers you want to test 
                browsers: [
                        name: 'Chrome', // Include a name for nice log output 
                        browserName: 'chrome',
                        platform: 'linux'
                    // ... more browsers 
            // Specify the files to test 
            files: {
                test: ['tests.js']



Your Sauce Labs username (probably should get this from the environment variables; it should not be embedded in the source files).


Your Sauce Labs key (also should not be embedded in the source files, see above).


The test timeout in seconds. If a browser has not completed the tests in the specified number of seconds, it will be canceled.


The port to use for test HTTP server. The Sauce Connect tunnel only proxies certain ports, so be careful which one you use. The default port should work fine in most cases.


An array of objects that specifies the browsers to run the tests in. Be sure to provide a name property in each browser so it can be identified in the task output. See the Sauce Labs docs for the options for each browser.