node package manager


A set of helpers for dealing with NPM from Grunt.


**A set of Grunt tasks for dealing with NPM.

Install npm package, next to your project's Gruntfile.js file:

npm install grunt-npm --save-dev

Add this line to your project's Gruntfile.js:


Show all the files that would be published to NPM. This is useful if you wanna make sure you are not publishing files you don't want to...

'npm-publish': {
  options: {
    // list of tasks that are required before publishing 
    requires: ['build'],
    // if the workspace is dirty, abort publishing (to avoid publishing local changes) 
    abortIfDirty: true,
    // can also be a function that returns NPM tag (eg. to determine canary/latest tag based on the version) 
    tag: 'canary'

Update contributors in package.json - all developers who commited to the repository, sorted by number of commits. A .mailmap file can be used to map multiple emails to a single person.

'npm-contributors': {
  options: {
    file: 'package.json',
    commit: true,
    commitMessage: 'Update contributors'