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Simple test runner for GruntJS using MochaJS as test framework, ChaiJS as assertion library for BDD and TDD and SinonJS as spyes/stubs/mocks utility library.

Gruntfile Example

// Gruntfile.js
module.exports = function(grunt) {
    // configure tasks
        'mocha-chai-sinon': {
            build: {
                src: ['./specs/**/*.spec.js'],
             options: {
             ui: 'bdd',
         reporter: 'spec'
    // load required tasks
    // register tasks for execution chain
    grunt.registerTask('test', [

Test Coverage

Test coverage support is provided by node-jscoverage while source code is coverage enabled with BlancketJS.

In order to activate test coverage you need to create a new configuration for the mocha-chai-sinon task and name it coverage.
The name matter!

'mocha-chai-sinon': {
    build: {
        src: ['./specs/**/*.spec.js'],
        options: {
            ui: 'bdd',
            reporter: 'spec'
    coverage: {
        src: ['./specs/**/*.spec.js'],
        options: {
            ui: 'bdd',
            reporter: 'html-cov',
            quiet: true,
            filter: '/foo/foo1/',
            captureFile: './coverage.html'

By default mocha-chai-sinon add test coverage support to all loaded files who match the /project-folder/src/ path but you can configure it with the coverage.options.filter option.