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Ease interoperability between Grunt and Make. Creates a "make" task that will automatically call the relevant target in your Makefile based on the arguments.

For more musings on why you would possibly want to do this, check out:



There is no configuration for the task itself. You would use the target in other compound tasks or as the target of a watcher.

For example, if you're building Sass with a grunt-contrib-watch, but you have you build configured with make, this is all you need to do in your Gruntfile:

watch: {
  styles: {
    files: "styles/*.scss",
    task: "make:styles" // <-- 

...if your Makefile contains this:

styles: dist/css/main.css
dist/css/main.css: styles/*.scss
  node-sass styles/main.scss $@

You can also target files:

    task: "make:dist/css/main.css"

You can also specify many Make targets by separating them with colons:

gunt.registerTask("allthethings", ["make:styles:scripts:lint:doc:publish"]);