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    "Grunt Task that uses jsdom to postprocess compiled HTML files with jQuery",

    A simple Grunt multitask that uses jsdom to compile HTML on server side and allows manipulation with jQuery.

    It is possible to use own functions to manipulate the HTML, but there are also four predefined functions:

    • toc - will create a table of content
    • bib - will create a table of all cites and link them up
    • tof - will create a table of all figures and link them up
    • tot - will create a table of all tables and link them up

    Used in paged-media-boilerplate.

    The Bibliography can be used with a custom .json or a Bibtex file. All four functions behave very similar to Latex.

    Table of Contents

    Getting Started

    Use it with grunt

    Install this grunt plugin next to your project's grunt.js gruntfile with: npm install grunt-jsdom-jquery

    Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile:


    Example with hyphenation

    Get jquery-hyphen.js and a pattern file for your language.

    This is how a task could look like:

        src: [
        functions: [
          () -> this.$('p').hyphenate('en-us');


    Simply add task definition in your gruntfile. See the folllowing example:

        # options 
        src: "path/to/some/html/file/index.html"
        dest: "pdf/output/"

    Run grunt jsdom to execute all the targets or grunt jsdom:targetname to execute a specific target. Every html file defined by the src parameter will be post processed and saved to dest folder.


    Here the available options with the corresponding defaults:

    toc: # see below 
    tof: # see below 
    tot: # see below 
    bib: # see below 
    # Will be passed to each jade template generation 
      pretty: true
    # Will take an array of functions, which will be executed in order. 
    # The names of the 4 predefined functions are also valid. 
    # For details see below. 
    functions: ["toc","tot","tof","bib"]
    # See documentation of js dom. 
    # jQuery will be unshifted to the `src` array.  
    scripts: undefined
    src: undefined

    In each function this will be bound to an object possessing the following properties:

    • window
    • document
    • jQuery's $.

    Parameters for the functions are:

    • options object
    • source (the HTML file) filename.
        functions: [
          (options,src) ->
            = @$
            document = @document
            window = @window
            # do something 
          selector: "#table-of-contents"
        src: "path/to/some/html/file/index.html"
        dest: "pdf/output/"

    Predefined post processing

    Options regarding the predefined functions can be accessed by options.{{nameOfFunction}}, so for the table of contents function options.toc will be responsible.

    Table of contents (toc)

    This function will search for the given selector (#toc) and fill its element with a linked list of chapters, sections and subsections.

    The selectors for these three can be individually defined, also the id for the found elements will be set to, e.g., section1.1.

    Defaults for options:
    # Selector for the table of contents, content will be deleted. 
    selector: "#toc"
    # Selector for the chapter headings 
    chapter: ":not(.front-matter,.back-matter) > h2"
    # Template for the chapternumber 
    chapterTemplate: "span.chapternumber=chapter"
    # Class which will be added to the text 
    chapterTextClass: "chaptertext"
    # Same for section and subsection 
    section: "h3"
    sectionTemplate: "span.sectionnumber=chapter+'.'+section"
    sectionTextClass: "sectiontext"
    subsection: "h4"
    subsectionTemplate: "span.subsectionnumber=chapter+'.'+section+'.'+subsection"
    subsectionTextClass: "subsectiontext"
    <div id="toc"></div>
    <h2>Chapter Heading</h2>

    will be replaced by:

    <div id="toc">
        <li class="toc chapter">
          <a href="#chapter1">
            <span class="chapternumber">1</span> 
            <span class="chaptertext">Chapter Heading</span>
    <h2 id="chapter1">
      <span class="chapternumber">1</span> 
      <span class="chaptertext">Chapter Heading</span>

    Table of figures / tables (tof/tot)

    These functions will search for the given selector (#tof/#tot) and fill its element with a linked list of figures / tables.

    Defaults for options:
    # Content of this element will be replaced by the list of figures / tables 
    selector: "#tof" / "#tot"
    # Selector for choosing all elements which should be listed and / or linked 
    element: "figure:has(figcaption)" / "table:has(caption)"
    # Selector for the caption 
    caption: "figcaption" / "caption"
    # Class which will be added to all text found in the caption 
    textClass: "figuretext" / "tabletext"
    # Class which will be added to all text found in a link to an element 
    linkTextClass: "figurereftext" / "tablereftext"
    # Class for the text which belongs in front of the number 
    # Default for the text in front of the number  
    preDefault: "Fig." / "Tab."
    # Jade template for the number, pre will be  
    # substituted by given text or default. 
    # Available numbers: 
    # element (absolute number of the element) 
    # chapter (number of the containing chapter) 
    # chapterelement (absolute number of the element relative to the chapter) 
    # section (number of the containing section) 
    # sectionelement (absolute number of the element relative to the section) 
    # subsection (number of the containing subsection) 
    # subsectionelement (absolute number of the element relative to the subsection) 
    numberTemplate:"span.figurenumber=pre+chapter+'.'+chapterelement" /
    # Class for the short description for the list 
    <h2>Chapter 1</h2>
    <figure id="image">
        <span.short>Short description</span>
        <span.pre>Figure </span>
      Long description
    <a href="#image">(a)</a>
    <div class="back-matter">
      <h2>Table of figures</h2>
      <div id="tof"></div>

    will be replaced by:

    <h2 id="chapter1">
      <span class="chapternumber">1</span> 
      <span class="chaptertext">Chapter Heading</span>
    <figure id="image">
        <span class="figurenumber">Figure 1.1</span> 
        <span class="figuretext">Long description</span>
    <a href="#image">
      <span class="figurenumber">Figure 1.1</span>
      <span class="figurereftext">(a)</span>
    <div class="back-matter">
      <h2>Table of figures</h2>
      <div id="tof">
          <li class="tof">
            <a href="#image">
              <span class="figurenumber">Figure 1.1</span> 
              <span class="figuretext">Short description</span>

    Bibliography (bib)

    Searches for cite elements in the html file, modifies them according to a template and creates a linked table with all used cites.

    Can be used with a .json or a .bib file. If the provided file has no .json in its name, bibtex-parser will be used for reading it. A .json file should contain a dictionary, where the keys are used to fetch the entries.

    Note: bibtex-parser will convert all keys to uppercase. So for lookup the provided keys will be also uppercased. Keep that in mind if using a .json.


    will be replaced by:

      <a href="#PHYSREVB.89.035403">
        <span class="citenumber">[1]</span>
    Defaults for options:
    # Selector for the bibliography, content will be deleted. 
    selector: "#bib" 
    # Selector for a single cite, note, that the innerHTML will be upper cased and  
    # then be used to search the provided dictionary for an corresponding entry. 
    cite: ":not(blockquote) > cite"
    # Will replace KEY in a <cite template="TEMPLATENAME">KEY</cite> with the  
    # compiled jade template. If no TEMPLATENAME is provided, the default will  
    # be used. 
      default: "span.citenumber=`[`+NUMBER+`]`"
    # Name of the key, which will be used for sorting all used entries prior  
    # creating the table.  
    # Uses [_.sortBy]( that means ["YEAR", "MONTH"] is valid. 
    sort: "NUMBER"
    # Function which will be called with each entry prior creating the table, 
    # should return the (modified) entry 
    modifyEntry: undefined
    # Filename or string of a jade template which will be used for each entry 
    entryStyle: # default is the template in src/bibEntry.jade 
    # Filename of the bibliography, if not defined will use patterns to find a file 
    file: undefined
    # Is only used if no file is specified. Replaces substrings in the source  
    # filename (the HTML file) with other strings to find the bibliography # dynamically. 
      ".bib": /.html/i # .html will be replaced with .bib, not cases sensitive 

    Release History

    • v0.0.7: Bugfix for bib
    • v0.0.7: Bugfix for toc
    • v0.0.6: gitignore
    • v0.0.5: Bugfix for cites
    • v0.0.4: Bugfix for cites
    • v0.0.3: Added dependency
    • v0.0.2: Restructuring and tof/tot implementation
    • v0.0.1: First Release


    Copyright (c) 2014 Paul Pflugradt Licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i grunt-jsdom-jquery

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