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Creates a manifest file from the Github commit log since a given date

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Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.1

npm install grunt-github-manifest --save-dev

The "create-manifest" task


This plugin will grab the commit log from Github from a specified date, and store this to a file. The date is either hardcoded (using the property in the config) or retrieved from a http web service.


This plugin requires a config sections named package-github-data passed into grunt.initConfig().

    create-manifest: {
        options: {
            commitHistoryStartDate: {
                url: "http://localhost:3000/deployment-info",
                path: "$.lastModifiedOn"
                date: null
            manifestPath: "commit_history.json",
            github: {
                o_auth_token: "XXXXXXXX",
                user: "christriddle",
                repo: "grunt-github-manifest",
                proxy: null
            summarised: false,


  • commitHistoryStartDate - the commit history start date is usually used to get all commits from the last deploy
    • url - Url that returns JSON data that contains the a date which can be used as the commit history start date
    • path - Location of date in the returned JSON data, using JSONPath
    • date - [OPTIONAL] This date will be used as the commit history start date if specified
  • manifestPath - Where to save the manifest file
  • github - The user/repo combination to get the commit history from
    • user
    • repo
    • o_auth_token
    • proxy - Full url including port
  • summarised - Save only commit author, email, message, and url to manifest file