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Favicons Build Status

Favicons generator for Grunt. Produces a multi-size favicon from a single image. Port of favicons (the good parts at least). Installed through NPM with:

npm install grunt-favicons-tasks --save-dev

Requires ImageMagick which you can get through Brew with:

brew install imagemagick

Simply require the module and execute it with an optional object of configuration.

  • I/O
    • Source: The source image used to produce the favicon string
    • Dest: The destination path string
  • Icons
    • Android: create Android homescreen icon boolean
    • Apple: create Apple touch icons boolean
    • Coast: create Opera Coast icon boolean
    • Favicons: create regular favicons boolean
    • Firefox: create Firefox OS icons boolean
    • Windows: create Windows 8 tiles boolean
  • Miscellaneous:
    • HTML: optional file to write metadata links to string, typically "index.html"
    • Background: background for Windows 8 tiles and Apple touch icons #string
    • TileBlackWhite: make white-only icon on Windows 8 tile boolean
    • Manifest: path to Firefox manifest you want to add links to icons string, typically "manifest.webapp"
    • TrueColor: use true color for favicon.ico or 256 сolor. True color is larger boolean
    • Logging: print logs to console
    • Callback: function to execute upon completion function (params include 'response' and 'html')

Defaults are shown below:

var favicons = require('favicons');
    // I/O
    source: 'logo.png',
    dest: 'images',
    // Icon Types
    android: true,
    apple: true,
    coast: true,
    favicons: true,
    firefox: true,
    windows: true,
    // Miscellaneous
    html: null,
    background: '#1d1d1d',
    tileBlackWhite: true,
    manifest: null,
    trueColor: false,
    logging: false,
    callback: null