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A grunt task to enable debugging for any subsequent tasks.


Ensure you have the debug plugin enabled in your Gruntfile via:


Then you can debug a series of grunt tasks (say tasks named first and second) by running:

grunt debug first second

Or, to immediately pause the script after launching:

grunt debug:break first second


  • fork : Boolean

    If enabled, spawns a new Grunt process with debugging enabled via Node's --debug parameter. Otherwise, debugging will be enabled on the current process using the SIGUSR1 signal. Defaults to false.

  • debugChildren : Boolean

    If enabled, automatically starts debugging for child node processes created using fork or spawn commands. Defaults to true.

  • inspector : Boolean

    If enabled, launches an instance of node-inspector for interactive debugging. In order to use this option, your parent project must declare a version of node-inspector in its dependencies. Defaults to false.

  • inspectorArgs : Object

    A map of argument values to use when launching node-inspector. (Only applicable when inspector is set to true.) Defaults to {}.