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This package has been deprecated

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module renamed to grunt-analyze-css


0.2.1 • Public • Published

grunt-contrib-analyze-css - v0.2.x

This plugin has been renamed to grunt-analyze-css! See this repo instead.

Grunt task that analyze your css with analyze-css and compare the results to a user-defined benchmark.

This plugin requires Grunt ^0.4.0


npm i grunt-contrib-analyze-css --save-dev

Analyze css task

Run this task with the grunt analyzecss command.


    analyzecss: {
        prod: {
            sources: ['stylesheet.css']
        options: {
            outputMetrics: 'error',
            thresholds: {


These are the possible config values. The format is optionName: 'defaultValue'.

encoding: 'utf-8'

Defines the encoding when reading css files.

Possible values:

All supported values for fs.readFile can be used

analyzecss: {}

The analyzecss options. This object is directly passed on to analyzecss api.

Possible values:

See analyze-css readme file.

warn: 0.95

The score at which warning begins. Any metric that is below this mark will issue a warning.

Possible values:


error: 0.8

The score at which errors are thrown. Any metric that is below this mark will issue an error.

Possible values:


padLimit: 40

The length for default string padding in the results

Possible values:


outputMetrics: false

This options controls if and how metrics are shown to the screen. By default only the global score of each css document is shown. If set to true, ever metric score will show up. You can limit the output to set a cap on output by using 'warn' or 'error'.

Possible values:

true, false, 'warn', 'error'

outputDuplicateSelectors: false

This options will output duplicated selectors in stdout.

Possible values:

true, false

softFail: false

Prevents the grunt task to be halted if this task failed.

Possible values:

true, false

thresholds: { ... }

This object should contains all the maximum values allowed for each metric. The results of your css files will be compared to those maximum values and issue warning and errors if they surpass warn/error levels.

If you want to ignore certain metric, be sure to set them to null

Possible values:

See analyze-css readme file or the defaults in the source code.


Made with love in Montréal by

Licensed under the MIT License:


npm i grunt-contrib-analyze-css

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