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Cat a file to the terminal. Works great with text, ascii art, and even colorful ansi.

This task requires Grunt 0.4 or above.

Getting Started

npm install grunt-cat --save-dev

Once that's done, add this line to your project's Gruntfile:


Cat a file

The notify MutiTask

Show a message whenever you want!

  cat: {
    logo: {
      file: 'files/logo.txt'
    prod: {
      file: 'files/prod-logo.txt'
    multi: {
      src: ['files/**/*.txt']
    multi_stream: {
      options: {linebreak:false},
      src: ['files/**/*.txt']
// simplified example 
grunt.registerTask('server', ['cat:logo', 'uglify', 'sass', 'server', 'notify:server']);

Watch example


  • file (required): Path to the file. This is relative to the root of your project.


Run grunt to lint and run the tests.

Doodle or Die

This project was created for and is used by Doodle or Die.

This is what it looks like when we run our local dev server using the production MongoDB:

Doodle or Die example

Release History

June 11 - Added linebreak option, added src grunt convention (globbing/filter) March 17 - Update readme, dependency versions. Dec 28 - First version