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Run CasperJS Scripts/Functional Tests

If You need Casper 1.0 Support - Please Check out this tag @note : You no longer need PhantomJS/CasperJS binaries installed. They are now managed by npm


This task makes use of PhantomJS to drive the casperJS scripts in a headless manner.

You will need to install phantomjs, with a fairly simple package install After phantomjs is installed, you will need to install casperjs

Now install the grunt task

npm install grunt-casper --save

Getting Started

CasperJS is a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS. It eases the process of defining a full navigation scenario and provides useful high-level functions, methods & syntaxic sugar for doing common tasks in a headless browser.

If you haven't used casperjs before, be sure to check out the Get Started guide, as it explains how to create your first test case.

casper task

Run this task with the grunt casper command.

This task is a multi task so any targets, files and options should be specified according to the [multi task][] documentation.


Grunt 'dest'

Type: String || Function

The 'dest' option in Grunt's configuration is passed as the --save option to casper, allowing you to access your destination programmatically. If passed as a function, the return value will be used.


Type: Boolean Default: false

Run the casperjs script(s) in test mode. Thus allowing you to split up your tests (casperjs test tests/)


Type: String Default: undefined

Comma separated list of scripts to "include" before executing tests.


Type: String Default: undefined

Scripts to be executed before the test suite


Type: String Default: undefined

Scripts to be executed after the test suite


Type: Boolean Default: false

Output log messages directly to the console


Type: String Default: error Options: debug info warning error

Sets the casperjs logging level


Type: Boolean Default: false

Terminate as soon as a first failure is encountered.


Type: Boolean Default: false

Create a more concise output of the test suite.


Type: String Default: phantomjs

Specify Browser Engine (phantomjs|slimerjs)


Type: Number Default: How many test files to run concurrently (1-10)


Type: Boolean Default: Run tests in Parallel instead of Series

Usage Examples

Basic usage

casper : {
 yourTask : {
    options : {
      test : true
    files : {
      'xunit/casper-results.xml' : ['test/functionalTests.js']

Basic Parallel usage

casper : {
 yourTask : {
    options : {
      test : true,
      parallel : true,
      concurrency : 5
    files : {
      'xunit/casper-results.xml' : ['test/functionalTests.js'],
      'xunit/casper-results-2.xml' : ['test/functionalTests2.js'],

Global options and custom destination

casper : {
  options : {
    test : true,
    includes : 'path/to/inc.js',
    post : 'path/to/post.js',
    pre : 'path/to/pre.js',
    'log-level' : 'warning',
    'fail-fast' : true,
    concise : true,
    engine : 'slimerjs'
  yourTask : {
    src: ['path/to/tests/*_test.js'],
    dest : function(input) {
      return input.replace(/\.js$/,'.xml');

Options and Arguments

CasperJS supports options and arguments on the command line.

casperjs script.js baz --foo=bar

Grunt tasks can accept additional arguments and grunt-casper will pass these through to CasperJS, for instance

grunt casper:yourTask:baz:--foo=bar

will pass baz as an argument and foo as an option with a value of bar. These are then available in your CasperJS script

casper.cli.args.indexOf('baz'); // 0; //bar

Arguments can also be specified in the Task Options Object

  casper : {
    options : {
      args : ['foo', 'bar']

Arguments and options will be ignored in test mode as CasperJS does not support them.

PhantomJS / CasperJS Binaries

You may also override the location of the PhantomJS and CasperJS binaries like so:

process.env.PHANTOMJS_EXECUTABLE = '/path/to/phantomjs'; process.env.CASPERJS_EXECUTABLE = '/path/to/casperjs';

The CasperJS Binary, by default, is loaded from the local ./node_modules directory and has a fallback to look in the global node_modules directory (/usr/local/lib/node_modules)

Release History

  • 2015-02-11   v0.4.2 Reverse Source List before unshift
  • 2014-08-19   v0.4.1 Expose Slimerjs binary export
  • 2014-08-19   v0.4.0 Refactored Fail cases
  • 2014-07-16   v0.3.10 Added local binary module path
  • 2014-06-09   v0.3.9 Refactored exports and binary module loading
  • 2014-05-12   v0.3.8 Removed test arguments constraint
  • 2014-04-24   v0.3.7 Merge pull request #39 add no-colors option
  • 2014-04-21   v0.3.6 Fixed issue with testableOptions
  • 2014-03-20   v0.3.5 Fixed issue with engine indexOf conditional
  • 2014-03-12   v0.3.4 Merge pull request #36 check PhantomJS path
  • 2014-03-06   v0.3.3 Cleaned up Cross Platform Binary Location
  • 2014-03-05   v0.3.2 Fixed CasperJS Binary for windows platform
  • 2014-03-03   v0.3.1 Export CasperJS binary to node_module/.bin
  • 2014-02-23   v0.3.0 CasperJS npm managed binary
  • 2014-02-23   v0.2.7 PhantomJS install via wrapper
  • 2014-02-22   v0.2.6 Parallel exit logic
  • 2014-02-22   v0.2.5 Changed deprecated 1.1 direct flag to verbose
  • 2014-02-22   v0.2.4 Fixed test option position in array
  • 2014-02-17   v0.2.3 Added engine support (phantomjs, slimerjs)
  • 2014-02-11   v0.2.2 Added args option for casper args, added concise option support
  • 2014-01-24   v0.2.1 Refactored exit logic
  • 2014-01-14   v0.2.0 Refactored non-parallel Runs, fixing --fail-fast parameter
  • 2013-11-22      Refactored task dependencies, added parallel option and task duration
  • 2013-10-08   v0.1.4   Merged pull request - cwd spawn option
  • 2013-09-05   v0.1.3   Fixed logging from grunt.verbose -> grunt.log
  • 2013-08-10   v0.1.2   Added xunit support
  • 2013-02-01   v0.1.1   Update Task To Run With grunt0.4.0rc7
  • 2013-01-01   v0.1.0   Initial Release

Task submitted by Chris Miller

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